TMBP Extra: Jan. 11-12, 1969 recap

January 11-12, 1969, was a much-needed weekend for the Beatles after George Harrison’s sudden departure on January 10. See you ’round the clubs? Not exactly. But so much for George Harrison’s quiet break. We don’t have audio or visuals from this weekend but there’s enough evidence to paint a rough picture of how it unfolded.

January 11

  • How he was diverted: George was ready for a weekend away from the band with the chance to rest and reset his private and professional problems. Then an unplanned and very personal appearance ended any search for serenity.

January 12

  • A family outing (Pt. 1): What exactly happened when the Beatles — and, quite notably, several others — met at Ringo’s house for a board meeting two days after George left the group? Our deep dive begins here.
  • A family outing (Pt. 2): George had long been (figuratively) beat up and battered ’round, treatment John Lennon described as “a festering wound … we allowed to go even deeper” at the Beatles’ weekend Apple board meeting.
  • The final bulletin: Who says breakups need to be messy? One Beatle charts a path forward to a new phase and beyond in the wake of their weekend meeting.
  • Anyway, here’s Wonderwall: A look at how several Beatles and Beatle-adjacent figures spent – or didn’t spend – their Sunday night after the meeting at Ringo’s.


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2 responses to “TMBP Extra: Jan. 11-12, 1969 recap

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  2. Thank you for this article! Who says breakups need to be messy? The first sign of the Beatles break-up happened in 1969 when Lennon privately announced to his bandmates that he was leaving the group. But the public didn’t become aware of their separation until 1970 when McCartney also decided to leave the band. By the end of that year, all four members were working on solo projects, and they had dissolved the official business partnership.

    I hope its okay to share my blog about them too!


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