TMBP Extra: Jan. 3, 1969 recap

Blogoversary week continues with a look back at my posts about today in Nagra tapes history: Jan. 3, 1969.

  • Setting the tone: A funereal classical piece becomes the movie’s opening theme
  • Starrwriter 69: Having previously written just one song in his career, on Jan. 3, 1969, Ringo gives us two new ones
  • No little thing: George kvetches the U.S. audience needs “oldies but goldies” with their new songs, and he offers up something of a random suggestion
  • Traveling on that line: The Beatles rediscover “One After 909” at just the right moment in their history
  • Shoctric shocks: Beginning a multipost look at the aggravating “All Things Must Pass” rehearsals on Jan. 3 with the song’s movie moment
  • Four guys and four amps: “All Things Must Pass” remains rough, perhaps because it’s serving as background music to discussions about recording equipment
  • The Band plays on: An in-depth look at the Jan. 3 rehearsals of “All Things Must Pass” concludes with talk of musical and lyrical inspiration
  • Taxman, Revisited: George teases us with a reference to “Taxman Pt. 2”
  • Hearing things: John reminds us he’s still there with a taste of a future solo classic
  • Let you down, leave you flat: Bootleg tracklists for the Get Back sessions are so promising, especially when you see the Beatles are playing some of their older tunes, but really, they are just joking around
  • Fifteen minutes of fame: The Beatles didn’t spend a whole lot of time introducing brand-new songs to the sessions this day, but the ones they (specifically, Paul) did were eventual classics
  • Quizzical: Paul unleashes an incomplete “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” on the group as the anti-“All Things Must Pass” on this day
  • Et cetera: Tying up some loose ends for the day’s sessions before we move onto the next day


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