About this Weblog

Blogger’s note: This post was originally written at launch, in January 2012. My views of things have evolved a bit since then, as explained in my 1st and 2nd blogoversary posts. But the general idea remains the same.

I lay out much of the raison d’être of this blog in the introductory post.

I began this site a Beatles fan who was pretty much at the final frontier of their music. Perhaps there’s no new ground to be broken here — the music was recorded more than 40 years ago and bootlegs of the material has existed nearly that long. Only with the advent of the internet, big hard drives, high-speed broadband  — and the surfacing of incredible quality, well, stolen tapes — did it become reasonable to actually sit through the Get Back sessions.

When I first downloaded A/B Road (as described below), I poked around from random song to random song, and it was relatively revelatory.

As much as I’d like to embed all kinds of clips here, I’m just not going to go there — at least as far as uploading fresh content. But wherever things are available on YouTube and the like, I’ll by all means link away for context.

My source material is the A/B Road bootleg from the Purple Chick label. A background of the set can be found here. I bet if you Google for that set, you’ll be able to find a torrent or two so you can follow along.

I’ll be tweeting at @theymaybeparted and Facebooking at fb.com/theymaybeparted. If you’d like to drop me a line, I’m at theymaybeparted AT gmail.com.

Thanks for joining me!


8 responses to “About this Weblog

  1. Anonymous

    I love your blog. I didn’t know about the Nagra Reels until I learned about your blog on Hey Dullblog. Please don’t stop – keep it coming!

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  3. Ed Eagle

    Great stuff, Dan!

  4. Anonymous

    DId you see Glenn Tillbrook at the Grog Shop in 97?

  5. Joe Reaves

    Interesting. About two/three years ago I came into possession of “Thirty Days”. A 17 CD account of the “Get Back” Sessions. Very detailed and aside from a few beeps and the voice of Lindsey-Hogg in the background on some of it, mainly camera direction, it is very good. It also includes the Glyn Johns mix for the “Get Back” album and complete rooftop performance.

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