Jan. 2, 1969: Revelation 1

Much like I can never listen to Hey Jude the same way after knowing where John Paul drops the F-bomb, it’s hard to hear “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Sun King” the same way after hearing them debuted at Twickenham on the first day of rehearsals.

And that’s because, after hearing each of those songs quite literally countless times over my life, it never occurred to me that they’re one in the same. Insomuch that “Sun King,” ostensibly, is part of “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Maybe it had always been obvious to everyone else. But to me, it was revelatory.

How was this missing from my life all these years? Am I the last to know? This, easily, was the most interesting thing about the first day, for me. Something I’d never even approached thinking about.



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4 responses to “Jan. 2, 1969: Revelation 1

  1. Lou

    Question: Why do you think John dropped the “f bomb” in Hey Jude? It’s not John, it’s Paul — it sounds clearly like Paul’s voice to me. John is the one who shouts “chord” (that sounds clearly like John) and Paul then says “fuckin hell.”

    • Dan

      My one-man staff needs better editors. You’re absolutely right, it is Paul, and I have Geoff Emerick’s book sitting on my shelf that says as much. I appreciate the catch, and thanks for reading.

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